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The Outlandish Academy is a P2P framework for creating online and offline learning experiences.

Nina B was born in Prague in 1987. She works predominantly in photography, but also makes films. With her images, she aims to record an inside view of the city’s subcultures and urban spaces.

Filming and photo proposal with Fetchh

We are starting to gather and work remotely, where we connect here - appear.in

# Learning Objectives

We have started a group that meets Every Wednesday, where we have decided to research the following subjects or perhaps we should call them projects: - Outlandish Methodology - Outlandish Installation

# Pages about us If you have an interest in helping develop our research methodology, or would like to join one of our Current Research Groups then Get In Touch.

Outlandish Researchers REFERENCES outlandish.academy/outlandish-researchers

FEAST Researchers REFERENCES wiki.feast.fm/feast-researchers

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